U.S Embassy Document
Legalization Services

If you’re on this page right now it’s probably because you want to know how to hire a international document services company to help you legalize and attest personal, business, or corporate documents at a U.S foreign embassy, consulate, or consular office in Washington D.C.

If that’s the case you’re in luck because we’re going to explain exactly how the entire United States foreign embassy-consulate document legalization process works from start to finish.

We’ll do this with easy to understand how to videos and with two detailed step-by-step graphics that can be seen below.

You’re also probably wondering what type of documents can be legalized and attested at a USA foreign embassy, consulate or consular office.

Basically any type of business, academic, corporate, or personal legal document can be legalized and attested as long as it’s gone through all the right governmental steps before attempting to rush file it with a U.S foreign embassy or consulate office. 

Depending on who or what entity in the world is asking you or your company to get an embassy document legalization and attestation on a document they’re only three possible routes you can go through on any type of legal document.

Embassy Document
Legalization Steps

The first route requires you to get your documents apostilled or authenticated at the state level at one of the fifty U.S. Secretary of State offices.

Then once you’ve been issued a Texas apostille certificate or Texas authentication certificate (or a certificate issued from one of the other forty nine secretary of state’s offices) on your document you can then file to receive a legalization on the document at that countries U.S foreign embassy office in Washington D.C.

About 95% of all U.S.A foreign embassies are located in Washington DC and the rest of the foreign branch consulate or consular offices are sprinkled around the United States in different states.

Please note that Apostille Texas only provides same day rush apostilles documents for the State of Texas.

So if you need to get your personal, corporate, academic, or business documents authenticated in another state (where your documents originated from) other than Texas we will not be able to help you with that state legal document step.

Don’t worry though we’ll still be able to help you rush obtain a federal USDOS apostille or authentication certificate and embassy legalize your documents in Washington D.C which will always be required for any non-Hague Convention member countries like China, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Yemen, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Kuwait, Nigeria, Indonesia, Egypt, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.

The second route allows you to bypass the state government level step completely. The first step would be to rush authenticate your documents directly at the U.S Department of State office in Washington DC.

Once you’ve been issued a federal authentication certificate from the United States Department of State on your documents you can then file for a legalization and attestation on the document at that countries U.S foreign embassy office in Washington D.C.

Or possibly at a branch consulate or consular office which are located all over the United States.

The third and final route is you or your company will have to go through all three government document filing levels to receive the proper state and federal authentication certificates and to document legalize all your documents.

State level (Secretary of State), federal level (U.S Department of State), and then the international level (U.S foreign embassy or consulate, consular, or consul office).

U.S Foreign Embassy &
Document Legalization
& Attestation Pricing

You contact us and say you need a document legalized fast at a U.S. foreign embassy in Washington, D.C.

You tell us what type of documents, how many documents and for what country you need documents legalized for.

You download and complete our embassy document legalization
order form.

You check out our embassy legalization services pricing on this page or on our order form.

You email or mail us the completed embassy legalization order form.

You mail your original documents and a prepaid return shipping label or envelope to us.

We hand file your document in person at any U.S. foreign embassy
in Washington, D.C.

We mail back the documents that you sent us along with your certificates to any place in the world that you choose.

You’re so overwhelmed with happiness from hiring us that you refer every person and company you know to Apostille Texas.

U.S Foreign Embassy &
Document Legalization
& Attestation Pricing

Embassy filing fees are an additional cost (not included).

Filing status updates by email or text.

Money back guarantee if we don’t file your documents in the time frame you paid for.

Phone and email support seven days a week.

Courier of your documents to any shipping center (return shipping costs not included).

Additional documents embassy filed at the same time only $200 each.