Texas Apostille Service

Are you on a tight State of Texas apostille certificate or Texas authentication certificate document filing deadline?

Feeling a little confused and stressed out about the whole Texas Secretary of State Hague Apostille Convention apostille, authentication, legalization, and attestation document filing process and requirements?

Don’t worry your pretty little head off because we’re going to explain in detail exactly how the entire Texas document apostille and Texas document authentication processing works from start to finish.

We’ll do this with an easy to understand how to video that you can watch (just click the play button on the above video) and with two different step-by-step graphics that can be seen below.

We’re also going to explain some of the industry myths and the three most common reasons why your documents could be rejected by the State of Texas during the expedited Texas apostille and authentication filing process.

First off the Texas Secretary of State is located at 1019 Brazos Street, Austin, TX 78701 and it is the only location in the world where you or your company can be issued a Texas apostille certificate or Texas authentication certification on a personal, business, or corporate legal document.

This means there are no other satellite or branch offices located in Texas (not Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington, Irving, Houston, Amarillo, Abilene, Lubbock, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo, or El Paso) or anywhere else in the United States.

A U.S. foreign consulate, consular, consul, or embassy office or a Texas notary public also does not or cannot issue or create a Texas apostille certificate or Texas authentication certificate on any type of legal document.

You cannot email, scan, fax or text your documents anywhere to receive a Texas apostille certificate or Texas authentication certificate.

Most people think there legal documents will physically receive an apostille stamp or apostille seal (like the ink stamp that a public notary places on a legal document) from the Texas Secretary of State’s office on their document, which is an incorrect fallacy.

Below are actual examples of what a Texas apostille certificate and Texas authentication certificate will look like.

Your successfully apostilled or authenticated Texas document will come back to you from the Texas Secretary of State office stapled at the top and the 8 ½ x 11 printed out apostille certificate or authentication certificate will be attached by the TXSOS to your document.

Please be aware that if the staple comes out of your document the foreign government or entity that requested and required you to get a Texas apostille or Texas authentication could possibly reject your document.

China consulates and the Chinese embassy in Washington D.C. for example will regularly reject people’s and company documents solely for this little minor snafu.

So please be careful when handling your Texas apostilled and Texas authenticated documents because we don’t want you to have to go through this entire document legal process again.

Texas apostille certificate example. 
(Click or pinch to enlarge graphic)

Texas authentication certificate example.
(Click or pinch to enlarge graphic)

Please note if your legal documents get rejected by the Texas office of the Secretary of State for any reason, Apostille Texas still receives our full Texas apostille and authentication services fees that are paid upfront by you.

We hope this never happens to you and it’s why we’ve spent literally thousands of hours of time to explain in great detail the exact steps you must follow on this massive sized website.

Your documents must be mailed to us and they must be the original documents meaning no photocopied documents if the documents are classified as Texas recordable documents.

What’s a Recordable

Recordable documents are such things like Texas birth certificates, Texas death certificates, Texas marriage licenses, Texas marriage certificates, Texas divorce decrees, Texas divorce certificates, Texas probated wills, Texas judgments, Texas vehicle title histories, and Texas cremation certificates.

What’s a Non-Recordable

Non-recordable documents are such things as a college/university, high school, or middle school diplomas, degrees, grades, transcripts, and attendance records, criminal background checks (police, sheriff, TXSOS, TXDOT), power of attorneys, trusts, adoption, utility and phone bills, bank, credit union, stocks, bonds, investment, and insurance statements, immigration, bill of sales, affidavits, agreements, Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Free Sale, contracts, translations/translated documents (the documents that you send us can be in any language they don’t have to be in English), copies of photo identification (driver’s license, visa, passport, permanent resident card, state or military issued ID card), business or corporation related documents that need to be apostilled or authenticated they must be properly notarized first by a Texas notary public before you can mail them to us to rush apostille or authenticate file them on your behalf.

Please note that the notarization on your non-recordable documents cannot be done by a notary public licensed in any another U.S.A state or country.

Only a Texas notary public can be used.

Meaning your non-recordable documents will be rejected by the Texas Secretary of State instantly if your documents are notarized by a non-Texas notary public.

On any non-recordable documents the Texas notary public that you use must write on your document or attach a piece of paper to your document that has this exact Jurat or Acknowledgement verbiage shown below to receive an Texas apostille certificate or Texas authentication certificate on your document.

If this exact verbiage below is not on or attached to your non-recordable document your documents will be rejected by the Texas Secretary of State office.


State of Texas
County of
Sworn to and subscribed before me on the day of (month) (year),
by (name of signer).

Texas notary public signature



State of Texas
County of
Before me, (notary public name), on this day personally
appeared (name of signer), known to me or proved to me
on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing instrument and acknowledged to me that he executed the same of the purposes and consideration therein expressed.

Given under my hand and seal of office this day of (month), and (year).

Texas notary public signature

We recommend that you print out this Texas notary public verbiage or at least take a photo of it on your cell phone so you can bring it with you to show the Texas notary public that you hire what exactly they need to write down or attach to your legal documents.

On our Texas State apostille order form PDF that can be downloaded further down on this page we include this exact Texas notary public verbiage on the second page of the PDF.

We did this so you can easily print it out along with the express Texas apostille order form which is on the first page of the PDF.

The second most common reason why documents we attempt to file for our customers get rejected is because of common Texas notary public errors.

When a Texas notary public notarizes a non-recordable document that will be used to receive a Texas apostille certificate or authentication certificate on it they must always do five things.

Five Things Your
Notary Must Correctly Do

  1. The Texas notary public must place their non-expired notarial stamp on the document preferably on the page of where the person signed the document or on the backside of the document if there is no space on the front side.
  2. The Texas notary public must write down the date of when they witnessed the signature on the document in and around their notarial acknowledgment area.Meaning if somewhere within the body of the document a date is listed that is not considered applicable by the Texas Secretary of State and the Texas notary public must place a date next to their signature and notary public stamp.
  3. The Texas notary public must sign their full name which must match exactly how their full name is listed on their official Texas notary stamp for each and every document that you want apostilled or authenticated in Texas. If they sign their name differently then what is shown on their official Texas notary stamp the State of Texas Secretary of State office will reject the document.
  4. The notary jurat or acknowledgement area must be written or typed out 100% in English and no other foreign language. The document that you want to Texas apostille or Texas authenticate can be in any non-English language but the entire (not just some of it) Texas notary public jurat or acknowledgement area must be in English.
  5. The signature of the document holder (the person who is signing the document in front of the notary public) or the company employee on the document or certified photocopy cannot be an autopen (an autopen or signing machine is a device used for the automatic signing of a signature or autograph) or a photocopy of a signature it must be an original signature.

A Texas Secretary of State official may conduct a smudge test where they literally wet there finger and rub the document signature to see if it smudges or not (we’ve seen this done firsthand).

The State of Texas will reject the document if the document signature doesn’t smudge at all and Texas Secretary of State officials will also use a jeweler magnifying glass to check to see if the signature on the document is in fact a photocopy or autopen and not a required original signature.

Below is what a proper Texas notarization (the Texas notary public properly dated, signed, stamped, and created an all English acknowledgement area) should look like on any non-recordable document that you want apostilled or authenticated for Texas.

In this example the notarization was used to receive a Texas apostille certificate on an original Texas college diploma.

Below you will see the Texas notary acknowledgement area on a document that was mailed to us to rush file.

Unfortunately it was rejected by the Texas Secretary of State because there was three different notary public errors made on the document.

You’ll also see a snippet of the official rejection letter from the State of Texas that we always obtain and email to our clients if their documents ever get rejected.

Any one of these three notary public errors would’ve gotten this document automatically rejected by the State of Texas.

As you can see the Texas notary public did not include the date anywhere within the notarial acknowledgement or jurat area, the notary public did not include all of the required jurat or acknowledgement verbiage such as the State of and County of and the before me or sworn to statements and the incomplete notary public verbiage that they did use was not 100% in English.

The third most common reason why documents that our customers send us get rejected by the Texas Secretary of State office is because the documents we were sent did not originate in the State of Texas.

What this means is the Texas Secretary of State office can only issue Texas apostille certificates and Texas authentication certificates on recordable and non-recordable documents that originated or were issued by a government entity located within the State of Texas.

If your documents were issued from the federal government (FBI, IRS, DOD, USDA, USDOT, FDA, DOE, USPTO, EPA, DEA, USDOC, DOJ, VA, etc.) they can only be apostilled or authenticated at the U.S Department of State office in Washington D.C and yes we can help you rush file those types of documents for you as well.

For example, let’s say you currently live in the State of Texas but you were legally born in the State of California, you graduated from a college in the State of New York, you got married in the State of Washington, and you got divorced in the State of Florida.

In this scenario you can only receive an apostille or authentication document certificate on your California birth certificate from the California Secretary of State, an apostille on your New York college records from the New York Secretary of State, an apostille on your Washington marriage license from the Washington Secretary of State, and an apostille on your Florida divorce decree from the Florida Secretary of State.

Make apostille document sense?

You contact us and say you need a document apostilled or authenticated at the Texas Secretary of State.

You tell us what type of documents, how many documents and for what country you need documents filed for.

We email you or you can download off our website our apostille order form to complete.

You check out our apostille pricing on our website or on our order form.

You email or mail us the completed Texas apostille order form.

You mail your original documents and a prepaid return shipping label or envelope to us.

We rush file your legal documents at the Texas Secretary of State office in Austin, TX.

We mail back all the documents that you sent us along with the new certificates to any place in the world that you want.

You’re so overwhelmed with happiness from hiring us that you refer every person and company you know to Apostille Texas.

Texas Apostille &
Authentication Documents
Services Pricing

Same Business Day
Apostille Service

Four Business Day
Apostille Service

All Texas Secretary of State filing fees included in the price.

Money back guarantee if we don’t attempt to file your documents in the time frame you paid for.

Courier of all your documents to any shipping center (return shipping costs not included).

Filing status updates by email or text.

We’re based in Austin, TX, so no middleman for you to go through.

Phone and email support seven days a week.

Additional documents filed at the same time only $60 each.

For bulk apostille and authentication orders of twenty or more documents rush filed at the same time the per document Texas apostille service or Texas authentication service filing cost drops to $60.00 (including the first document filing cost) for every document that you need Texas apostilled or authenticated.

20 documents x $60/each = $1,200
30 documents x $60/each = $1,800
40 documents x $60/each = $2,400
50 documents x $60/each = $3,000

All State of Texas apostille and authentication document filing fees are included in this high volume bulk discount pricing.

We can handle thousands of Texas apostille courier filings per month, so don’t be shy and give us a try.

Yes, we know that rhymed quite nicely.

Unlike most document authentication service filing companies we don’t mark up one red cent the return shipping costs or roll it into an all-inclusive price that drains more money from your wallet.

We Customize
To Your Needs

We customize everything to your needs, no generic cookie cutter apostille document packages for you.

When Apostille Texas mails your documents back to you, your company or to wherever in the world you want us to ship your documents back.

You get to choose what shipping courier service you want to use and how fast you want your documents to be delivered back to you.

You can purchase a prepaid return shipping label at any local USA shipping or mail store or you can go to www.UPS.com, www.FedEx.com, www.dhl.com or www.USPS.com to create, purchase, and download a prepaid return shipping label.

On your prepaid return shipping label you can go ahead and list the sender’s address from our Austin, TX mailing address.

Then you can either mail or email us the prepaid return shipping label (you will be able to download a PDF of the shipping label from any of the courier websites) along with the documents that you want us to Texas apostille or Texas authenticate on you or your companies behalf.

We highly recommend you don’t use the USPS (United States Postal Service) to send documents to us or to return documents back to you.

Trust us when we say you don’t want USPS to lose your original and one of kind personal, business, or corporate documents just to save a few measly bucks.

Our office can accept and sign for your document deliveries Monday through Friday any time after 8:30am in our Austin, TX office.

You can also stop by our Austin office and drop-off your documents at our receptionist area between the hours of 8:30am-3pm (it was 5pm but our entire office building has been forced to close early because of COVID-19).

Please note the cut-off time for us to do same business day Texas apostille service or Texas authentication service filings is noon CST.

So drop off your documents off at our office by that time otherwise your documents won’t be filed until the next business day.

Time Machine Fast
Apostille Service
When Tomorrow
Is Too Late

We always recommend to plan ahead, but in some circumstances for law firms, large international corporations, mergers and acquisitions deals, adoption filings, court proceedings and immigration dealings that conduct business in another country even the earliest overnight delivery options with the big three shipping companies will be too late for your emergency situation.

For example, let’s say it’s a Monday and you realize you need some important documents apostilled in Texas for you or your company and you live or your office is based in Houston, TX.

You need the documents back by the next day (Tuesday) so you overnight the documents to us here in Austin, TX and we receive and rush file them for you on Tuesday.

The problem is you need the documents in your hands by Tuesday night and the earliest FedEx/UPS could get it to you in Houston would be Wednesday morning at 8:30am.

Our time machine fast Texas apostille service means we’ll fire up our Back to the Future DeLorean Machine and right from the steps of the Texas Secretary of State’s building we’ll time travel your documents right to your home or office’s door step that same day.

Below we have the thirty largest populated cities in Texas listed on a map and the total cost for Apostille Texas to same day courier your legal documents directly to you or your company from downtown Austin, TX.

Please note the top thirty most populated Texas cities listed on this map don’t include Round Rock, TX because it’s a suburb of Austin.

Austin to Plano – $450

Austin to Dallas – $425 

Austin to Fort Worth – $400 

Austin to Houston – $400 

Austin to San Antonio – $200 

Austin to El Paso – $1,200 

Austin to Corpus Christi – $450 

Austin to Laredo – $500 

Austin to Amarillo – $1,100 

Austin to Abilene – $500 

Austin to Waco – $200 

Austin to Arlington – $425 

Austin to Lubbock – $750 

Austin to Garland – $425 

Austin to Irving – $425 

Austin to Grand Prairie – $400 

Austin to Killeen – $150 

Austin to Pasadena – $400 

Austin to Mesquite – $425 

Austin to McKinney – $475 

Austin to Carrollton – $450 

Austin to Frisco – $450 

Austin to Beaumont – $500 

Austin to Denton – $450 

Austin to Midland – $700 

Austin to Odessa – $725 

Austin to Wichita Falls – $600 

Austin to Richardson – $450 

Austin to McAllen – $650 

Austin to Brownsville – $700 

The apostille courier travel fees listed above do not include any expedited Texas apostille certificate or Texas authentication certificate filing costs, just the Austin, Texas courier travel costs.

This pricing is for a normal business week (Monday-Friday) and leaving Austin, TX by no later than 5:00pm when the Texas Secretary of State office closes.

All other cities in Texas not listed as well as Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico we can provide “drive through the night” courier document and package services to you or your clients.

Please call or email us to get an exact quote for those cities and states.

As comedian Bill Murray famously says in the classic movie ‘Ghostbusters’, “Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, no job is too big, no fee is too big!”

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves about our services and company philosophy toward our worldwide customers.